Laurie Peters — Creative Director / Design Director / Branding & UI/AR/VR.

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Freelance & Design Dir @ Peters-Fox


Freelance Remote (various)


Product Psychology (User Behaviour course) - Nir Eyal

T.HEAVY 2017, Released USA/UK

Free Music for Everyone.

Android Apple OS


I'm not much of a fan of Spotify.
I know a few artists that stream their music on Spotify and have their music played hundreds of times a month with very little to show for it.

Generally, music subscription platforms don't pay artists enough when fans stream their music. Artists are only paid a tiny fraction of a penny for every time a user streams one of their tracks.

Arena on the other hand, is different.

Music on Arena is free to stream for the fan without annoying commercials or in-app interruptions. Incredibly, even though Arena don't charge a monthly subscription fee, Arena pays artists the highest rates in the world whenever their music is streamed or downloaded. Good news for the artist.

Product Solution

Arena Music pays artists a full penny per stream and the highest rates in the world for music and merchandise sales.

Product Challenges

  • Creating an intelligent playlist aligned to the users taste
  • Creating a radio player that feels like a player
  • How do we design and package the songs? Genre?
  • Including other artist incentives(Merch)


  • Lead Designer - UX Team player
  • User Experience/Animated prototypes
  • UI/UX Solutions
  • Brand - Logo design
  • Content Ideas & Strategy


  • 1 Product Manager/UX Dev
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 2 Engineers - Remote Freelancers


Bigup ^ 😉

Lauries clever design for Harmonic33 'Word Problems' won us an FWA.

— Mark Pritchard, Warp Records


The Oculus Go, is a fully standalone “all-in-one” device. The 'sweet spot' between mobile and desktop.


I have personally been a registered games designer for Oculus and their competitors Vive, since 2016.

Since producing a launch title for Oculus back in 2016/17 I have kept an eye on developments with the 'Oculus GO'. However, aside from this, Oculus London HQ asked if I would help design screens for the new landing page which would co-inside with the launch.

The final page design is a simple layout due to CMS limitations. However, the page drivers and animations help to lift the overall design in giving the page content a dynamic look and feel.

Product Release

Due to be released sometime early 2018.


  • CMS Layout restriction
  • Animation / page movement
  • Intregrate more of a lifestyle feel - Photography
  • Generate interest - social media / Forms


  • User Experience/Animated prototypes
  • Freelance Designer / Some video editing


  • 1 designer
  • 1 Dev
  • 1 Engineer
Landing page

Bigup ^ 😉

Laurie is one of the most Creative people I have ever worked with.

— Matthew Clarke, Adobe Digital Marketing


Tracking, analysis, sharing and encouragement on Garmin Connect.


Garmin Connect is training tool to store, analyze and share all your fitness activities.

My role as a freelance UI designer involved creating a large number of polished Vector based design screens from early stage prototype work for the Garmin™ Connect app. Limited brand restrictions allowed for bright colour pallettes and experimental ways of visualising data.

The app was launched early 2016 - I was involved in a second batch of screen designs later in the year.

Product Release

Early 2016.


  • Changing designs based on research
  • Animation / page movement
  • Cross agency production


  • UI Design V2/Animated prototypes
  • Freelance Designer


  • 4+ designers
  • Various Engineers



FIRMA is a space flight arcade game. Your job is simply to pilot a fast, highly manoeuvrable lander craft across the Moon and Mars where you’ve begun work as a courier.

Pinch & Zoom 😉

Virtual reality game

My involvement in developing this launch title/VR Game was varied. Mainly, you could categorise my role as VR games designer, concept visualiser and audio designer. I had a close working relationship with the main developer, the main asset modeller, the writer and the launch platform, Oculus (London HQ).

The game was designed and built over a couple of years and sold in the Oculus store with the first consumer Oculus Rift headset as an official launch title game.

The game places you virtually in the cockpit of a jet propelled craft. You manouveur the craft across the moon and mars where you deliver and collect packages as an off-world courier. The world was designed and built by myself and the developer. Game-play models and assets were conceptualised, mocked-up and skinned by me and built by a contracted 3D Unity™ modeller.

Launch Platform

Vive [5 months later]


  • Large scale level designs in Unity™
  • Library creation of game Sound Effects
  • Music creation - 23 Tracks
  • Voice over recording / production - 72 pages
  • Working constantly in a VR Environment!


  • Lead Designer/visualiser
  • Audio designer - SFX/Music
  • Unity™ Lvl design
  • Game asset designer
  • Content Ideas & social media Strategy


  • 1 Product Lead / Dev
  • 1 Designer / 1 Audio Lead
  • 1 Unity 3D Modeller
  • 1 Writer
  • 1 VO - [Terry Mynott]


Big Up! 😉

Excellent, easy to fly, fun game !

— jcgillilan - 1 of many gamers who reviewed the game on Steam


Professional-grade tools for product development and manufacturing planning.



Autodesk™ makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are creating with their software.


The site re-skin was designed and developed to lead existing consumers directly to the three main industry categories of their software. There, new trial subscribers, IT Managers, designers could download their software.

An improved, new navigation was created to collapse across the website although design in general was relatively restricted due to CMS layout restrictions.


At the forefront, the site was restructured/designed to lower the amount of user steps leading to resubscription and trialling software. Apparently, there has been a refreshing increase in resubscribers and new customers trialling software since the site was re-skinned.


  • CMS Restrictions
  • Lower user steps to product resubscription
  • Re-think navigation and site structure
  • Improving pain points, testing


  • Design lead
  • User Experience/Animated prototypes
  • UX Team Player
  • Content Strategy


  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Creative Exec Officer
  • 3 IT Dev
  • 2 Designers - EXT
  • 1 Designers - INT

  • Landing Page AUTODESK™

Nikon Keymissions

Capture your life’s most legendary experiences.


It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. This Nikon site was designed to promote the new 360 camera range whilst also inviting customers to capture their missions and share their story with Nikon, and the world.


The 'I am Keymission' Nikon site is a dedicated product site in the Nikon camera range. All products connect and pair to the SnapBridge 360/170 APP.

The site had to feel more like a microsite and different to other section pages in the Nikon main site CMS. Design freedom was partly limited due to CMS layout restrictions. This didnt hinder the overall look and feel of the final design.


The design was originally for the uk/European audience and was slowly published across sites globally.


  • CMS Restrictions
  • Brand restictions
  • Re-think pages in comparision to other CMS pages
  • Improving, testing


  • Design lead
  • User Experience/Animated prototypes
  • UX Team Player
  • Content Strategy


  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Creative Dir
  • 2 IT Dev
  • 1 Designers - EXT
  • 1 Designers - INT

  • KeyMission NIKON™
  • KeyMission channel Nikon™


Available since April 2018

Profile: Laurie Peters



My name is Laurie. I'm a senior designer from the UK. Im passionate about design, UI and things working and looking good. I base myself in the southwest of England although i've worked with companies and people all around the world.


I graduated in Design at The University of The West of England. Directly after graduating I interned at the BBC before begining a career as a digital designer.

I've worked across most digital channels throughout my career, from Virtual reality, Video, animation, UI/UX design for web and Applications.

Client side / agency side

Over the years I have experienced working both sides. Working client side, in-house and remote with large corporates and digital advertising agencies.

Positions held in career

  • UI/UX - VR/App/Web
  • Prototyper/Storyboarder/visualiser
  • Design/creative Director
  • Senior creative
  • Animator/editor